Spiritual Growth and Care:

© Susan J Katz 2018

Spiritual Care Counselling: For individuals, is provided in a safe and sacred space; allowing reflection, conversation, and re-imagining of our lives during times of transition, times of spiritual questioning, and periods of deepening one’s spiritual growth and practices.

~ Spiritual Health Consultation is a good choice when you are in transition and/or seeking new meaning, purpose, self-definition

~~There is no diagnosing or treatment of illnesses, and thus it is not psychotherapy, although sessions may feel therapeutic.

As a Professionally trained and Insured Spiritual Health Practitioner, I provide secular as well as faith-based services to people of all genders and abilities.

Topics You May Wish to Address With Me:

  • Life Transitions
  • Grief and Loss
  • Illness and Faith
  • Living With Rare or Chronic Illness
  • Medical or Relationship Gaslighting
  • Faith, Religion, Prayer
  • Religious Trauma
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Discovering Intuitive Abilities
  • Living With Intensity, High Sensitivity or High Intelligence