Hello and Welcome!

My name is Susan Katz. I have created this website so that you may learn more about Professional Spiritual Care, Sacred Music, and how I offer these services to you.

Music also provides care of the spirit. I play the Oboe because its plaintive and evocative sounds penetrate deeply into the soul, bypassing analytical and artificial, digital modes of thought, allowing us to just be.

I now offer a few avenues of service, some in person and some online, including:

Spiritual Care Counselling and Intuitive Guidance, to help you develop your own energetic self-management. I am also available to provide Sacred Music.

Please look on this website for upcoming special workshops, lectures, and classes on such topics as: The Sabbath, Text Study of the I Ching, Writing Prose or Poetry, Life Cycle Traditions Across Cultures, and Cross-Cultural Wisdom Text Studies.